You AR what you eat

Transform the user experience of your guests.
Shorten the service time.
Boost your revenues.

Why ARTable?

Product’s unique selling points

Integrated order processing system

Shorten the service time by connecting your guests and servers with the kitchen personnel.


Edit your menu in a matter of seconds

Add new offerings. Edit the description and pricing of existing ones. Hide out of stock dishes.


Boost your revenues and optimize the business

Add-ons in the product description, promotion of selected products, detailed user flow analytics.


Limitless product description

Volume, ingredients, allergens, calories, approximate preparation time, filters, endless languages...


Design and features reflecting your style and needs

Wide range of templates and optional tailor-made solutions.


Transform your menu presentation

Display your mouthwatering plates through attractive videos or augmented reality!

QR Code
Users browse menu

By scanning the QR code placed on the table, guests are given access to restaurant’s complete menu alongside ARTable’s capabilities.

Sending order directly to kitchen

Users add their orders to a "cart" and then send the full order to the kitchen.

The kitchen and serving staff

The kitchen and serving staff get imidiate information about the order of the client and then can start the preparation of the food. The information is table separated, time stamped and urgency categorized.


After marking the food as served, the order moves into a "Served" status, where it stays until either a new item is ordered ot the check is called for and the order is finished.

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